Our Story

Clara Bella started off with a singular dream in mind – effective and affordable skincare suited for all types of skin.

Let’s admit it, skincare is hard to do in a tropical country like the Philippines. Many popular products aren’t made to handle the heat and humidity. It’s not a great experience – sometimes we end up feeling greasy, oily, and sticky. They are not bad products; they just weren’t formulated with the Filipina in mind. Whenever we do find a product that might just work, it is often too expensive or inaccessible. We’ve all been there; it is difficult to find the one. This is what Clara Bella exists for.

We want every Filipina to have the chance to be comfortable in their own skin. This is what Clara Bella envisions; Filipinas with complete confidence in their bare skin – skin that is glowing, healthy, and Clearly Beautiful.  

Clara Bella wants to give Clear Beauty to every Filipina. Each product was thoughtfully formulated with the diversity of our country in mind. The Philippines is a proud melting pot of different ethnicities – all of which make up the Filipino people. With this, our skin types vary from person to person. As we formulated our products, we made sure to keep every Filipina in our hearts and minds.

As a result, Clara Bella is fit for all Filipina skin types. Whether you have oily, dry, or normal skin, our products will work for you. This is the Clara Bella promise – Skincare that is Made to Match your skin ❤️.

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